Bursary Online Support System (BOSS)

BOSS Refresh Project aims to improves customer experience further

Following a collaborative project, a number of system enhancements to the Bursary Online Support System (BOSS) went live in May 2013.

BOSS is the online system, launched in April 2012, which students use to apply for their NHS student bursary and also complete a variety of other tasks relating to their bursaries. BOSS was primarily created to move NHS Student Bursaries from a manual process (paper applications) to modern automated functionality (online application). We identified last year that some system improvements were needed post implementation to refine the user experience and to make application processing smoother.

Many of the changes now introduced are designed to improve the user interface and make some of the questions on the student application form clearer.  We have also revised the course selection list to reduce the risk of students selecting the wrong option and made changes to the automatic evidence request emails to strengthen our key messages around how and when students should send in supporting evidence and the implications of failing to do so.

The biggest change we have made to improve the application process for students is the ability for Student Bursary staff to make amendments to details on applications without requesting students to reapply if they chose the wrong course or made a small mistake on their form. This measure will also prevent lost time and help ensure that assessments can now be made more quickly and students put into payment sooner.
We have tested compatibility with the latest browsers during the BOSS Refresh Project which means that students can now apply on mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones, tablets etc. BOSS is now compatible with Internet Explorer (version 7 and above), Mozilla Firefox (version 16 and above), Google Chrome (version 20 and above) and Apple Safari (version 5 and above).

Bursary application process for new students

At the beginning of May we told all Universities about the revised application process for new students whose courses commence from Autumn 2013 onwards. Don't forget, we no longer require BUR99 forms to be submitted (only BUR99 MEDs - for medical and dental students) as there will be no personalised invites sent out to any new students from now.

All Autumn new students can apply once they receive an offer of an NHS funded place. All Universities must now submit a "Notification of Offers of NHS Funded Places" form to NHS Student Bursaries by 1 June 2013

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